Cambridge Immerse unique summer programme SEO

Client Brief

Flexsin had this opportunity to execute an organic search engine optimization project for Mr. Sean Stevens, for his website Cambridgeimmerse. This project was executed from scratch with thorough research and the best SEO practices. We achieved the project deliverables within the provided term.

Project Challenges

The client provide services in UK, But main services is to promote summer classes and various subject courses in England and worldwide. and the website does not have the any business modules except educational content and there are more universities which offers same courses in summer so this is a big challenge for us to get higher ranks in less time and make it stable on top search engines.

The Endeavor

The Strategy: We started with the initial analysis of the website, and add the new dedicated pages for services and content on the exiting pages to make website more SEO friendly for better look and feel to attract and hold the visitor on the site. Then we placed very wisely each keyword with proper tagging on related website page and make it indexed. However, we are successful in providing ranking to client and were achieved committed rankings to meet the deliverables. The Results: As we have achieved the desired ranking milestone within the timeframe, project was successfully delivered.

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