A Camp Travel website – 95% of people who camped as children said it had a positive impact on their adult lives, helping them develop an appreciation for the outdoors and for different people and places. Plus, RVs feel more like home than a hotel, making travel relaxing and familiar – no surprises here.
Take control. You decide when and where to go and what you want to take with you. There’s no racing to catch a flight, a hotel check in, or long lines to a bathroom.


Project Description

Entertainment.ie was originally built by Fusio in 1997. From there it has grown into one of Ireland’s best known sites and into a separate business (although still just across the corridor from us!). From Movie Reviews to TV Listings to Celebrity Gossip to Album Reivews to Theatre Listings and now with a full event ticketing service the site is going from strength to strength. It has mobile apps for Listings, TV, Cineman and Gossip for the iPhone and Android platforms. It’s a big social media player too with nearly 50,000 friends on Facebook and over 120,000 site members. And to top it off it won three major awards in 2012 including the WebAwards Grand Prix prize for best website in Ireland.

Not bad for a little idea we had about listing things to do for the evening in Dublin!

Mondo – a modular car

A 90’s innovative car project. This project introduced modularity and customization city car concept. This idea born of an accurate research and needs’ analysis. Its aims: production costs’ reduction by improving customized models’ possibilities. It has been realized in order to improve doors’ opening in parking area using a circular and assail doors opening system.


Gelatti provide repair and maintenance for Vaillant and Junkers boilers and  in Como and surroundings.