QuantaView falls into the category of a Network Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD) system, and as such it is designed to solve three main problems in computer security:

  • Worm Detection. Worms can be delivered to their intended targets via 0-day vulnerabilities, and as such traditional signature-based intrusion detection systems are not well suited to detecting them.
  • DDoS Detection. Program detects two styles of DDoS attacks; those that use large ICMP packets, and SYN floods. Both of these types of DDoS attacks are typically spoofed from arbitrary source addresses, and target a single IP (or small set of IPs).
  • Vulnerability Scoring. Every system that is monitored runs a set of userland applications. Each of these applications has an associated set of vulnerabilities, and from this set of vulnerabilities QuantaView derives a score that represents the seriousness of the vulnerability stance on the system.

Features list

The following features were implemented in the current project:

  • Threats detection in the local subnets
  • Worm Detection
  • DDoS Detection
  • Vulnerability Scoring

Casual Game Portal

Iflexion delivered a new branded portal that would host dozens of casual cash games, jackpot lotteries, and massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) for a developer of software systems for the casual games industry. The solution is remarkable for a number of features and characteristics, including great scalability and performance, separate business processing engine for asynchronous task processing, robust integration with a number of third-party services (such as CommerceGate, OfferPal, and Zong). Admin users can access the system logs to monitor the system activity and performance at any time, generate rich reports on business-critical data. The portal provides rich immersive user experience, has an attractive 2.5D user interface, and a convenient Facebook integration.

City Pulse Institute of Film & Television

City Pulse, a cultural campus, was conceived twenty years ago, to provide a platform for true connoisseurs of the arts to appreciate performers and performances in a manner not usually experienced elsewhere.

A place, where along with other performing arts, cinema too shall be perceived as a live, interactive medium rather than a passive, mass entertainer.

Mondo – a modular car

A 90’s innovative car project. This project introduced modularity and customization city car concept. This idea born of an accurate research and needs’ analysis. Its aims: production costs’ reduction by improving customized models’ possibilities. It has been realized in order to improve doors’ opening in parking area using a circular and assail doors opening system.


Amazingly enough, some people don’t find coding exciting—it’s just another boring job to them. But while there may be plenty of boring programming jobs out there, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for one of them. Programmers have all sorts of opportunities to do something interesting with their skills, especially if they know Java. Java is perhaps the most popular language among employers right now, which means there’s a huge variety of job choices. With a little looking, you can find a job that lends interest to your life and actually makes it fun to go to work in the morning. Of course, what might interest one person may not do much for someone else, so check out these ten surprisingly cool ways to earn a living with Java for inspiration on positions that can keep your programming career fresh and interesting.